Philip J. Uren

Philip James Uren

Professional Statement

I am a software engineer with extensive teaching, research and development experience. I was educated in Australia and moved to Beijing in 2008. I have a passion for writing quality, well tested, well designed code.

Professional Experience

September 2008 – Present :: Lecturer, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Teaching duties included:

  • Introduction to Computer Systems (1st year undergraduate)
  • Foundation of Software Engineering (3rd year undergraduate)
  • Professional English for Software Engineering (3rd year undergraduate and Masters)
  • Software Process (3rd year undergraduate)
  • Advanced Software Development Technology (Masters)
  • Advanced Software Testing Technology (Masters)
  • Advanced Software Engineering and Project Management (Masters)

January 2004 – August 2008 :: Casual Lecturer and Tutor, University of Tasmania, Australia

Teaching Duties Included:

  • Programming and Problem Solving (KXT101 – 1st year undergraduate)
  • Programming with Data Structures (KXT102 – 1st year undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Systems (KXT103 – 1st year undergraduate)
  • Software Design (KXA253 – 2nd year undergraduate)
  • Software Systems (KXA353 – 3rd year undergraduate)
  • Software Process (KXA154 – 1st year undergraduate)
  • Artificial Intelligence (KXA252 – 2nd year undergraduate)
  • Data Mining and Text Retrieval (KXT311 – 3rd year undergraduate)

November and December 2007 :: Research assistant at the University of Tasmania, Australia

Duties included:

  • Market research
  • Collecting and processing
  • Liaising with other Australian universities

September 2006 - February 2007 :: Lecturer-in-charge of UTAS offshore teaching (KXC151) in Hangzhou, China

Duties included:

  • Unit co-ordination
  • Delivering lectures and tutorials
  • Setting and moderating assessment

February – November 2003 :: Development of web based management system for Southern Cross Health Care

During the final year of my undergraduate studies, I undertook a development project for a local business.
Details about the project can be found here

Technologies used included:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • CSS

January – June 2002 :: Web design and implementation for the Arts Faculty of the University of Tasmania, Australia


My educational background is as follows:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computing – Bioinformatics and Machine Learning) [2008]
  • EII Winter School in Bioinformatics [2006]
  • Bachelor of Computing (First Class Honours) [2004]
  • Bachelor of Computing [2003]


I have recieved the following awards and scholarships

  • AJCAI travel scholarship [2007]
  • APAC travel scholarship [2007]
  • APAC07 – best student presentation (3rd place) [2007]
  • EII travel scholarship [2006]
  • Australian Post-graduate Award scholarship [2005]
  • School of Computing honours scholarship [2004]
  • Dean’s citation [2004]
  • Dean’s roll of excellence [2001 – 2003]


I have experience with using and teaching the following languages, platforms, frameworks, programs and operating systems:

  • C#, C++, C++/CLI, PHP, SQL, Java, Pascal, JavaScript, Python, Haskell
  • Unix (Solaris), Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • Microsoft .NET, STL, WIN32, PyGame
  • MySQL, Microsoft Visual Studio


I reviewed papers for the 2006 Joint Australian Conference on Artificial Intelligence which was held in Hobart and hosted by the University of Tasmania, as well as the Journal of Computer Science and Technology. I have also published the following fully peer-reviewed papers:

  • Uren, PJ, Cameron-Jones, RM, Sale, AHJ, ‘MAUSA: Using Simulated Annealing for Guide Tree Construction in Multiple Sequence Alignment’, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Gold Coast, Australia, 599-608 (2007)
  • Uren, PJ, Cameron-Jones, RM, Sale, AHJ, ‘Promoter Prediction Using Physico- Chemical Properties of DNA’, Computational Life Sciences II: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium, CompLife2006 , Cambridge, United Kingdom, 21-31 (2006)
  • Uren, PJ, Cameron-Jones, RM, Sale, AHJ, ‘Improving Promoter Prediction using Multiple Instance Learning’, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Auckland, New Zealand (2008)

Volunteer and Extra-Curricular Activities

During my time at the School of Computing I have been involved in several volunteer activities:

  • School of Computing Mentoring Scheme [2004, 2005]
  • UTAS Open day activities [2004, 2005]
  • UTAS Orientation guide [2005]
  • Australian Computer Science Week – AV Support [2006]
  • AJCAI – AV Support [2006]

I have also been involved in several sports and social activities with my colleagues:

  • Captain of the UTAS div-7 mixed touch football team [2007 – 2008]
  • Vice-Captain of the UTAS div-5 men’s football team [2007 – 2008]
  • Div 3/4 Badminton [2002 – 2008]
  • Div yellow/white indoor cricket [2005 – 2008]

References and Records

References and academic records are available upon request


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